Top Bloggers & Vloggers Visual Learners Must Kno

So, I know that I am not the only person that needs help with hair care and styling ideas half of the time.

Since having natural hair is new to me, I often look for others who are generous enough to share their tips with the rest of the world 🙂
The following Bloggers,Vloggers, and Instagramers have helped get me through my transitioning process and they’re currently helping me with this life as a newly natural.
And with all the encouragement I am loving it!

Lets Start With YouTubers

1. NaturallyNellzy– I lalalalove this young lady! 
                               As my hair is beginning to grow, it gets harder and harder to find youtubers that have similar curl patterns and similar lengths as mine (Im in that in between stage) . As a visual learner, it helps when the person who is doing a tutorial atleast has a similar length, not necessarily texture, but that helps too. So far, NaturallyNellzy has been the closest match to both, length & texture!

She is very easy going and clear with her instructions, which keeps my attention.
Sometimes she can be loquacious, but thats what the Fastforward button is for.

I loved the fact that she has consistent videos from starting with the twa stage to her current length.

These are a few of my favorite videos from her
Faux Curlly Bangs
Frizz Free Twist Out
How to trim natural hair

FYI- She also has videos on beauty, product reviews, make up, etc.

2. Taren Guy
               If I didnt put NaturallyNellzy as Number 1. Ms.Guy would definitely be first.

I discovered Ms.Guy when I first started transitioning! I watched her Original Bantu Knot Out Tutorial, This was the exact same technique I used when I would bantu knot my hair during my transitioning phase. (Check Out The Transitioning Section of the blog).

Ms.Guy has an amazing attitude toward her watchers, her life, and she’s an awesome encourager/motivator.
Transitioning is not the easiest and she helped ease some of my anxieties about joining the natural hair community and now that I am natural I love her positive attitude which helps me continue to LOVE my natural hair!

She has a variety of content that she Vlogs about, beauty, natural hair, wigs, campaigns, healthy, etc.

Videos from Taren worth checking out:

Ms.Guy’s One Year Hair Growth Montage
DIY Curly Wig
You Can Touch My Hair Campaign

3. MyNaturalSistas– An Amazing Natural Hair Trio
              I discovered these ladies right after I big chopped and I was searching Youtube for some encouragement. Everyone I found spoke so positively about the BC, but noone was as real as Toni’s Big Chop 1&2. I loved her transparency about cutting her hair and I’ve been an active viewer ever since.
I just love the unity and postive vibes amongst the three of them as sisters, and its something that I admire
These are two of the videos that I think you should check out:

Hair Care Step #3

Carmen’s Chunky Twist Out

Instagram is also another form of social networking that has helped inspire me through my natural hair journey. These are 3 of my favorite Instagrams to  view for natural hair ideas and encouragement. (the youtubers above all have instagrams as well)

1. Naturalhairjunkies
                      I placed this young lady first because she was THE ABSOLUTE BIGGEST encouragement when I first BC’d. I emailed her immediately and asked for words of encouragement and she responded back promptly giving me the best words  that allowed me to pick my head up and ROCK my natural curls!

During the transition to natural hair i gained great knowledge about how to care and maintain natural hair and even style, but once I cut my hair it was like I completely forgot.Lol.Smh

NaturalHairJunkies gave me advice about different regimens and ways to keep my hair moisturized.
Which was beyond helpful.

I was also featured on her IG which definitely boosted my confidence due to the compliments I got from complete strangers!

2. Natural Hair Daily
                If you’re getting bored with your current natural hair regimen or your basic go to style, this IG will give you amazingly unique ideas that will spark some fascinating creativity that you never knew you had.
Natural Hair Daily repost every day IG users that tag their photos #naturalhairdaily and this IG account will post their favorite natural hair hairstyles  and I must say these are some of the best repost I’ve ever seen.  lol.

3. Natural Hair Does Care
                 This IG account is similar to Natural Hair Daily. As these two sisters call it, they  spread amazing “hairspiration” and knowledge about natural hair, which is very helpful to all naturals. Check them out, and possibly follow their account. It’s awesome positivity to have on you IG timeline 🙂


         As I was transitioning my homegirl told me about this blog and this blog allowed me to see how supportive the natural hair community is. Witnessing this amount of positive support amongst woman who absolutely did not know each other, just simply based off of one commonality, that they either had natural hair or were transitioning to it— was a huge encouragement for me to go back to having natural hair!
That encouragement would push me to continue my transition even further. The transitioning process can be VERY discouraging, but its totally worth it.

This website has a variety of forum discussions ranging from newly naturals, to health, to naturals ages 40+, to DIY’s, to things for parents with natural hair, to things about henna and coloring treatments.

I encourage you to check out this website and possibly download the app on your smartphone.

2. NaturallyCurly
         Diversity! Not only African American Curlies! But White Curlies Too!
Which I LOVE!!! This site caters to all curls which I admire.
The website was my second home while I was transitioning.
This site helped me figure out my curl pattern and I was also able to view reviews on hair products.

One of the cutest things about this website is that the reviews are ranked in curls 🙂
Individuals then give things such as their hair texture, the porosity, and density and all of this is on the website…. this helps people figure out if their is a correlation between hair texture/type and certain product ingredients.

This opinion varies. Some don’t think their is a relation between the two, but its something that I haven’t taken into consideration as of yet because my products have been doing well for my hair 🙂

Along with all of the hair type info, people also give their personal reviews, which I LOVE.
The Raw Honest Truth from real users with different hair types.

     This site has a plethora of information from hair types, to hair textures, to lifestyles, to salons, to products, and styles.

It definitely worth checking out!

3. BlackGirls With LongHair
   Last but not least, Black Girls With Long Hair Blog

       I was not attracted to this site immediately because— well look at the name of the blog!— Even though I am Black, long hair is something I do not have 🙂
 After browsing the site and being led to this site because of google I realized that a lot of the advice that was given on this blog I could use such as:

How To Deal With Super-Dry Natural Hair

And this one I came across today
5 Quick Styles for short to medium hair

What I love most of all about this site is that their features are from everyday people,
Their features go beyond hair, they speak on style of dress, hair care, and they also have a section where they sort out style icons by hair texture!
Style Icons

I only gave you guys 9 of my favorite Bloggers/Vloggers/Instagramers, but I definitely have more.

All of these ladies are regular everyday people who love blogging and vlogging and they dedicate time out of their lovely lives to provide US with FREE tutorials, encouragement, and advice.
 Thank you all for being proactive in the community and I LOVE it!
Thank you all for inspiring people such as myself!
Keep up the amazing work!

– TreasureTress 🙂

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