Product Review: Jane Carter Solution Shampoo & Conditioner

Jane Carter Moisture Nourishing Shampoo & Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner 

When I had relaxed hair my beautician would use a couple of things from this line. Even though I wasn’t sure about who Jane Carter was, what she stood for, or what population her products were geared to, I just knew she was a product Aida (my hair) was familiar with.

I decided to try JCS shampoo and conditioner as the starting products for my transitioning journey and it was A GREAT CHOICE during that journey.

I believe that Shampoo & Conditioners are a team. One effects the other and these 2 make a good couple.

Moisture Nourishing Shampoo

During the period of time that I used this shampoo, my hair was soft, clean, & moisturized. JCS was gentle on both my scalp and tresses.
I continued usage of this shampoo b/c it complimented the JCS conditioner really well.
I was quite satisfied with my cleansing results while using these products, but I  knew I could find something better because I my gut told me that my hair could feel much softer during shampooing and have more elasticity.
This shampoo helped with giving my hair shine and body.
I give this item a curls up !

Shampoo Cost: Approximately $10

JCS Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner: A Keeper & Fave

This Conditioner Seconds As A Deeper Conditioner. 

During my transition I would use this conditioner as a regular conditioner and a DC and even though Aida was in a vulnerable state, she was still receptive to it. My hair became better to manage, which made life easier, especially when it came to styling.

This conditioner gives my hair life. After this is applied to my hair, my curls are bouncin’ and behaving!!

The smell is absolutely wonderful, but this will burn if it gets in your eyes lol!

I’ve used this conditioner with harsh shampoos that have stripped my hair and it does a great job at reviving life back into my hair. I recently found out that this has protein in it, which assist with it building strength in my hair.

As a result of the conditioner being a little pricey I only use it on my shampoo days or if my hair needs a pick me up. I rarely use it to co-wash and that is only b/c it’s a bit pricey ( I currently use Herbal Essence Hello Hydration for co-washes)

As a Natural I still love this product  and recommend it to both transitioners and naturals. ( I heard relaxed women love it too)

Curls Up !

Conditioner Price-  approximately $15

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