1. Question Of The Week : What would you do if you would not fail?

What would I do if I would not fail?
I have asked this question a couple of times to various friends via conversation and social networking.
A couple people said they would try to take over the world [lol]
A few said they would try to have world peace
One of my friends said that she would strive for racial equality.

When I first read this question, my immediate response was “to become a doctor[psychiatrist]”
then I said “No, think bigger! because that is attainable ” Then I said “to have my own non-profit”
Then I look I said ” Tiaraaaa that’s attainable too…Think outside of the box

I then thought about the limitations that I place on myself, and allowed my heart to lead my response…

“Maybe have a Global Organization that helps those with Mental Illness across the world… and Β those that are possibly at risk… coming from dysfunctional households, homeless, those suffering with poverty, etc…. Help them with everything, from housing, to education, to advocacy, to parenting… I would reach out to all ages…We would help families, singles, adolescents, teens, you name it!

After stating that I smiled πŸ™‚

I am currently a Youth Advocate and my organization works with families who have youth with emotional/behavioral challenges. As a YA I have the opportunity to work directly with the youth. My heart is with this entire population, especially as being both a consumer and a provider…

After answering this question I asked myself Β “Why do I place these limitations on myself, as if I am not capable and as if my dreams are too big… Dreams are NEVER too Big!”

Don’t Limit Yourself! You Worship A God That Can Make The Impossible Possible! Β 


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