1. Question Of The Week : What would you do if you would not fail?

What would I do if I would not fail?
I have asked this question a couple of times to various friends via conversation and social networking.
A couple people said they would try to take over the world [lol]
A few said they would try to have world peace
One of my friends said that she would strive for racial equality.

When I first read this question, my immediate response was “to become a doctor[psychiatrist]”
then I said “No, think bigger! because that is attainable ” Then I said “to have my own non-profit”
Then I look I said ” Tiaraaaa that’s attainable too…Think outside of the box

I then thought about the limitations that I place on myself, and allowed my heart to lead my response…

“Maybe have a Global Organization that helps those with Mental Illness across the world… and  those that are possibly at risk… coming from dysfunctional households, homeless, those suffering with poverty, etc…. Help them with everything, from housing, to education, to advocacy, to parenting… I would reach out to all ages…We would help families, singles, adolescents, teens, you name it!

After stating that I smiled 🙂

I am currently a Youth Advocate and my organization works with families who have youth with emotional/behavioral challenges. As a YA I have the opportunity to work directly with the youth. My heart is with this entire population, especially as being both a consumer and a provider…

After answering this question I asked myself  “Why do I place these limitations on myself, as if I am not capable and as if my dreams are too big… Dreams are NEVER too Big!”

Don’t Limit Yourself! You Worship A God That Can Make The Impossible Possible!  

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