A Transitioner’s Tale Part I

A Transitioners Tale

I remember growing up and wanting to wear my hair in an Afro, thinking that if I just wet it and let it air dry I’d get a wonderful lion mane. Little did I know,  relaxers killed my natural hair texture, no lye or not!
I remember as a little girl, my mother would place the hot comb on the stove and she would blow on it, ( in attempts to cool it down)… I would flinch and hold my shoulders to my ears as she would struggle to pull the teeth of the comb through my thick hair in attempts to straighten it and make it easier for her to manage.
As she would straighten my edges ( also known as ‘ kitchens’) , I would have FITS and sweat profusely not only from the heat of the hot comb, but from the fact that I was sooo nervous she would burn me. My mother didn’t have a very steady hand, so i got burned A LOT. till this day ! The sizzle from an iron terrifies me. Seriously ( the reason I stay away from press and curls during my transition & as a natural)


My mother was never into styling and nurturing hair. She raised 2 boys before I came into the picture and she goes to the hair salon every 2 weeks, she has a short cut like Halle Berry.

As her patience disappeared, she ended up consulting family members and I got a kiddy perm.
I remember the first day my aunt put my perm in my head. I was 7 years and and It was Just For Me Texture Softener…. I remember the little CD that came in the box And ALL that ! Lol. I was super excited, just the thought of not being tortured with the hot comb was fabulous for me.

The first 3 attempts at putting a kiddy perm in my head were all fails ! They would last about 2-3 weeks before my mom was back at it with the hot comb.
By the time I was 8/9 years old I was getting no lye relaxers from the beauty salon. 



Bob Growing Out 2010
Shirley Temple Curls 2008

Relaxed days were the days!!! 
By the time I was 12 years old the Dominicans were doing my perms,  burning my scalp, and giving me length… Unhealthy length that is, lol. 
I took pride in my hair, if nobody liked me they definitely like my hair lol. 
My hair was bra strapped length until I went to my moms beautician…
Ayiechia chopped all my dead ends off and left me  with SL hair n I was shocked, but still happy b/c now I would grow long healthy hair…
Over the years my hair stayed healthy, but it never really grew past my shoulder

My Hair in 2011 Right Before I decided to go natural

Mentally Deciding to go NATURAL 

In high school around sophomore/junior year I developed a more evident love and pride for my African American culture. During this time my stress spot would break in the middle of my head. This patch rarely grew back even after 2-3 years of TLC. There was a 2 month period where I began to take nail/hair pills and it began to grow back, but I never replenished the supply, which left the middle of my hair weak and brittle and SHORT.


I attempted to transition during this time, but I had absolutely NO ONE behind me ! So I quit. 
Then my moms hair started to break off and in 2013 my mom said “maybe you should go natural” and it was like all the excitement I ever about going natural had returned! 
It was then I decided to transition to natural hair…
To Be Continues  in Transitioners Tale Part II

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