Who is Treasure Tress

Name: Tiara
How Long Have You Been Natural: I started my transition March 2012 and I BC’d February 6, 2013. It was an 11 month process.
What Do You Do For A Living? I am a full time student. Currently taking up Psychology as a Major & African American Studies as a Minor.  I am also a part time Youth Advocate, where I work with youth with emotional and behavioral challenges. I provide them with Support, Opportunities, Services, & Advocacy . I help them reach goals that they set for themselves. I also run support group, advocate for them, and essentially I teach them how to advocate for themselves in an appropriate manner. 
Whats Your Favorite Thing About Being A Natural? My favorite thing about being Natural is the diversity! “My hair so dope I can roll it, twist it, and puff it”… I can straighten it, braid it, do an updo, the style options are endless!
If You Could Have Any Super Power What Would It Be? Is there a superpower that force-ably makes individuals joyful/happy/loving? If so, I would want that super power. I don’t like to see people sad and I don’t like negative energy. I think that everyone deserves to be happy and I think that being happy is a choice…If I could force people to be more optimistic and happy I would 🙂
What Are Two Important Things/ Traits/Characteristics In Life That Are Very Important To You? Love & Persistence… Love is Life ! God is Love! Love goes beyond feelings, it goes beyond actions…Love is a lifestyle. Its how we talk, how we think, how we feel, how we dress, how we carry ourselves, how we treat others. 

Love is what we should live by.
1 John 4 & 1 Corinthians 13
Persistence: With persistence an individual can endure anything! there are people who have education, but lack persistence and their education has gone to waste… Have you ever heard of an educated fool? There are also people out there who have amazing talent, but lack persistence and are sitting at home in their living room. 
Then there are people who have money but lack persistence and don’t even know what to do with it!
With persistence, determination, and courage one can move mountains! As long as they keep pushing and continue steadfastly toward the finish line 🙂
Whats Your Marital Status? I am single. I believe in dating with potential for marriage
Whats Your Favorite Color? Orange. 🙂 I became fond of this color in the 6th grade…I think lol…I was sick of people liking blue and red… I liked purple, but too many people liked that color, I wanted to be ‘different’… My favorite colors, in order, are Orange, Purple, and Green [sometimes Pink] rarely do I come across someone who has orange or yellow as a favorite color, so when I meet them I smile and feel good inside, idk why lol. 

Where Does Your Confidence Come From? My Confidence comes from God. I have my days were I am down and out, but when I look up to where my strength comes from  I know I can make it through another day. Knowing that I am made in God’s image allows me to walk the streets with my head held high with confidence. My family and friends boost my self confidence as well; as they continue to encourage me as I face the same obstacles they were faced with once upon a time; and many of them did not handle those obstacles well. My friends are a big support system and they encourage me and remind me of how beautiful I am on a regular basis. 

I am also a big help to myself! I push myself, I encourage myself, I give myself pep talks so that I can get through the day. With Love, Persistence, and Self Control I make it daily! With Prayer and God’s Word & His Voice, It Keeps Me Going. Some days I don’t know how I made it but I look up and thank God, because He made me for a purpose. 
“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me. All Things I Will Do Them Well. Defining Well As The Best Of HIS Ability!”

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