Product Review: Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream

*Product Review: 

Taliah Waajid Curl Cream
I stumbled upon this product during my transitioning phase. I used it on a flat twist out & on a two strand twist out with perm rods at the end. 
A little of this product goes a long way. 
I would not recommend this product for transition, but I would definitely recommend to Naturals.
During my transition I did not have the best experience with this product, for some reason it would flake and leave white residue in my hair. I think it was because I was not using it on freshly washed hair. This product also did not give my relaxed hair any curl definition. The perm rods that I used for a two strand twistout while transitioning did as much as they could do, and that wasn’t even a lot.
The product is very thick and creamy. As a natural It provides lots of moisture and it leaves my hair nice and soft with good definition to my curls. 
It’s Not the Best Twist Out; But It helps with making me more comfortable with my hair


When doing a style, such as a twist out, this product only needs to be applied on the first day… (I wear twist outs weekly and I wash once a week…) I only wash out on wash day… During the week of a twist out used with this product all I apply is oil or curl  smoothie that is water based and not heavy at all ! ( ie Shea moisture curl enhance smoothie)
This product is a great partner with Eco Styler Gel, just use the correct amount. A lil more TWCC than ESG. 
This product also smells really good 🙂 
This is one of those products that you should wait to set and dry before undoing twists ( or whatever style u are going for) 
Price : About 5 bucks
Curls Up ! 

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