Hey Guys An Update From TreasureTress

Hello Guys!

I’ve been gone for too long!

I know I know! LOL.

A Little Update!

My Fundraiser was a Success. I raised $240
My goal was $150, So I  definitely passed it.

I will try my best to post an entry about 2-5 times a month.

As my hair is growing, I’ve got more and more to show you guys!

  • I have color in my hair
  • I have new products!
  • I got my hair trimmed and pressed (for my birthday in October)
  • I can now two strand flat twist my hair, which I’ve been wearing that as a protective style
  • I have a new protective style, Marley Twist.


I am considering starting a protective style challenge to retain length… I will keep you guys posted within a month. Most likely I will start it in January.


I am going to change the layout of my page so that it’s easier for me to maintain it.
The layout has been a big part of the reason I have not been posting. All the technicalities!

When I have more time on my hands I will choose a layout that is “different” “creative” and “unique” to me, but for now, we will go back to the basic layout.

I want to provide you guys with as much info as I can as I go along this natural hair journey

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