Aida Has Color

Aida Has Color

Back in August, one of my old homegirls & I placed color in my newly natural hair. 

It was definitely a cool experience. 


I was a bit nervous ! 

Some of my concerns consisted of:
• What if my hair comes out ?
• What if this damages my hair ?
• What if I don’t like the color ? 
• What if it loosens my curl pattern extremely ?
• What if my hair doesn’t take well to it ? 
These were all legitimate concerns, but thanks to The Lord Himself for YouTube, Google, & Friends ! 
After doing research my concerns changes from ” Will my hair fall out” to:
• How will I combat dry hair ?
• What part of my hair regimen am I willing to change ?

After  coloring:

                                   Life got a bit easier 

I noticed that my hair was particularly dry, but I also saw that I was able to measure my new growth a lot better ! 

How I combated dryness:

• I Changed My conditioner:
I went from co-washing my hair every 7-10 days  to co washing every 2-3 weeks. 
My hair would be sooo dry by the end of the week and the LOC method was doing absolutely nothing for my precious locs. 
My sister suggested I try Design Essentials. I used her set and I loved how my hair felt after 7 days. 
• I changed the ingredients I used to my LOC method. 
I invested in some coconut oil, which was the best decision I ever made ! 
Aida no longer cares for jojoba oil ! She used to love that stuff during transition ! But not anymore. 
She loves Shea Moisture Curl Enhance Smoothie & Beautiful Textures Curl Creme as well.
And I know my hair has to like Shea butter mix! 
I’m in search for a new leave in conditioner. So far Jane Carter has been doing me justice and kinky curly knot today, and I also tried carols daughter ( which does me absolutely no justice) .., but we’ll discuss that another time.
• protective styling.

I’ve been doing two strand flat twist and two strand twists. It’s been helping me keep my hands out if my head. It’s also been a lot less stressful. 

Post Color Thoughts: Any Regrets?

Do I regret coloring my hair? No! 
Will I color it again? Yes ! 
Do I recommend it? I say do what you want to do ! If you would like a splash of color in your life go right ahead. 
Some people color a section of hair, some color the tips of their hair, while others color their entire head ! 
I do not recommend it if you are one that does not like tending to your mane on a regular/weekly basis. Without the proper TLC your hair WILL Break ! 
I promo healthy hair, before I promo ‘cute’ hair.

If you are unsure of the upkeep of colored hair or the other things that come with hair color  I encourage you to explore this website, but start at this link —-> 

Over Time…

My hair has gotten golden brown as time has passed. (Before it was brown with a tint of red)
Which I have grown to love more & more 🙂

Brand: Dark & Lovely Hair Color: Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Color

Color: Brown Cinnamon

Price: $7.00
Curls up

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