Just Want To Say Hey :-)

Hello From My Marley Twists & I.

We’re giving Aida a little break before we begin 2014, and as we are preparing for Finals 🙂

I actually think she’s enjoying this break…My scalp on the other hand… Lol! I’ve had to pay closer attention to it, but so far so good. Nothing Tea Tree Oil, Castor Oil, Diluted Conditioner and braid spray, can not fix. LOL!

I have a post ready for you guys for Monday to give you my thoughts about these Marley Twist.

I will also do a post on how I clean my scalp, that’ll probably come in 2 weeks.

The post after my Marley Twist Experience  will either be a product review and/or a Question of the Week 

[I will try my best to post a new post every Monday & A QOTW every Thursday]
Thanks for your patience,
With Hope & Love,
TreasureTress ❤

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