Protective Style: Marley Twist

Marley Twist:

So, Marley Twist are twist extensions, just used with Marley hair. The technique used for installing Senegalese Twist is the same technique used for this style.

Why did I choose this style?

I have this unexplained love for Senegalese Twist when they are installed using the invisible method, but I do not have the patience nor time during this hectic season.
The installation time for:
Senegalese Twist- 7-9 hours  
Box Braids- 8 hours 
Medium sized Marley Twist- 5 hours. 
That’s a major time difference !

My experience 

This is my very first time getting Marley Twist & it might be my last !
If you can tell I’m not into big hair or flashy things. I’m very reserved when it comes to style and fashion.
By looking at the picture, just imagine them slightly bigger and fuller. A little too much for me,

Pros for Me: 

1. It’s a good protective hair style and I’m able to keep my fingers outta my head. 
2. The hair blends well with natural hair. 

Cons for Me: 

1. They’re hell to sleep in. 
2. They’re hell to style.
3. Some hairstyles are heavier than others.
4. They snag on everything .
5. They take forever to dry.
These may not be deal breakers for you, but they are reasons why I would stay away from Marley Twist for a while.
I have extremely tiny hands, so simple things like ponytails are a REAL hassle for me.

Who installed them ? 

Where: Queens, New York
Pricing: Affordable (Less Than $150)
Great beautician ! I loved her service. Her prices are right ! And she’s in a convenient location! Queens, NY. 
If I got Marley twist installed by a professional I would only get them done by her ! I simply love how she treated me hair, my hair blends extremely well, and she uses the invisible method.

Final Thoughts: 

You live and you learn and you see what’s for you and what isn’t. I now see that Marley twist are not for me. 
I will most likely do them again, but I will install them or have a friend do it for free.

With Hope & Love,

TreasureTress ❤ 🙂

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  1. Love It!!! You are amazing. I def respect your honestly. I'm loving the Marley Twists on you, but next time we will find a style that is more for you. I'll see you and Aida @ your next Appt. Thank you again for your kind words. I value each and everyone of my Clients 🙂


  2. Thanks 🙂

    I get sooo many compliments. Everyone who has asked me about my hair I definitely direct them to your
    Girl, I'm already thinking about the next protective style I want for the new year 🙂

    I will be contacting you soon 🙂


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