Product Review: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

When I think of this DC, the first word that comes to mind is REPAIR
I do not remember my first time using this product, but I know that I’m still using it, lol. 

What place does it have in my hair regimen? 

I used to DC once a month, but now that I have color in my hair I DC about twice-three times a month. 
Or whenever Aida screams she needs some TLC… Usually after exposure to chlorine and/or salt water.
I learned that in the summer. (Well their Shea butter line is for damage and dry hair…)
Since I’ve been natural, this is THE ONLY DC that I use. 
I attempted to use the protein mayonnaise by ORS, but I did not like the way it made my hair feel… Real gritty, and I’ve only used it twice. 
The smell of the SM Masque is phenomenal . It has a good consistency, not too watery, not too thick. 
A little goes a long way, but I tend to use more than I should lol *shrugs* I just wanna make sure I use enough. 
After washing my hair ( whether it’s clarifying or cowashing) I place the DC in, then I place a plastic cap on, a head scarf, and a hat and I leave it on for 15-45 minutes, sometimes longer, depending on what I’m doing. 
Usually longer, I’ll go to school, work, do homework… Ya know ! DC’ing does not place my day on pause! 😛 
I then rinse it out, t-shirt dry my hair and last, put in my leave-in mix and seal with coconut oil or a butter.  
(last step never done on sopping wet hair) 
This process and these products leave my hair soooo dang soft ! My curls begin to bounce as freely as they want.
Yea, y’all can tell how I feel about this stuff ! Love it!

Rate: Curls up !!
Price: $10

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