I Gave Up

I gave up the idea of a hair regimen. 

I started out washing my hair weekly because YouTube said so.
I moisturized with certain products because YouTube said so. 
Then I added color to my hair. 
No, not because YouTube said so! Lol
I just wanted color.
But, Aida started to act out

It all started to become confusing, tedious, & annoying

Then one day I came to the realization that YouTube is just a guideline and a place for suggestions from everyday people [Vloggers] who have different hair types and textures.

They may not be pros at hair, but some are pros at their own hair.
They’re just sharing different suggestions and techniques that they’ve tried out. 
Some techniques work for them and some don’t, but none the less they share.
So, once I came to that realization I began to actually listen to Aida and use tips I learned from friends, bloggers, & Vloggers. 

Questions I sat back & asked myself

Q: Questions I asked myself
A: Answers I gave myself
S: Solutions to my VERY incorrect answers that did not work for me

Q-Why do I co-wash weekly? 
A– Because my hair is dry by the end of the week. 
S– Get a moisturizing conditioner & moisturize your hair every day. 

So my co-wash weekly has turned into co-wash monthly. 
I was using Herbal Essence Hello Hydration. 
Now I use Jane Carter Solution Conditioner
I always used JCS but only for emergencies since I was on a budget.
But my cheap mentality was abusing and neglecting Aida 😦 

I moisturize my hair utilizing the LOC method [Liquid Oil Cream] and I’ve discovered a new found love for coconut oil & a new found like for castor oil. They’ve been staples these past few months and I see things staying that way for a while.
When oils are not available Raw Shea Butter does an AMAZING job.

Since I’ve incorporated these solutions into my hair care I don’t use conditioner as often, which means I’m not buying it as often. #PraiseGod 

Having the right products for LOC Method leaves my hair nice soft,
and looking all moisturized 🙂

Q– Why do I shampoo monthly ? 
A– I guess to remove product build up.
S– If you don’t have to use it don’t. Only use it to really clarify your hair. Co-washing isn’t for everyone, but since I see it works for me, I will stick to it.

So, I REALLY don’t have product build up. I don’t use that many products. 
So, I have no reason to shampoo at this moment.
 Many of the curl creams I use are lightweight and water based.  

The shampoo I was using pre-coloring  was One n Only Moisturizing Shampoo n
I loved it!
I will only use it when needed. 

Q– How often should I deep condition ? 
A– I don’t know. I do it like every 2-4 weeks 
S– Because I have color in my hair every 2-4 weeks works for me. I usually do it on week 3-4 when I see that Aida is have trouble retaining moisture. 

I use Jane Carter Solutions Conditioner which seconds as a DC, 
when I don’t leave it in to DC. I use Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque. 

This combo does my hair wonders ! 
And I think it’s because it’s a balance with the wheat protein in the JCS.
(I usually get a 1 co-wash in before I DC) 

Q– Why do I seal when I do 2 do strand twist ? 
A– Because It’s easier for me to get every strand 
S– If that’s what works for me then that’s good. As long as I’m moisturizing my hair and the product is penetrating the hair shaft. 

Spraying my hair with a spray bottle, then rubbing oil on my fro 
does Aida absolutely no justice.
My hair feels dry shortly after. 
So I practically live in twistouts for the most part. 

Is there anything I want to add to my hair care in 2014? 

As you guys know I’ll be adding protective styling

So at the end of the day. I do not have a hair regimen
 I do what works for Aida. She’s not on a specific schedule. 
When she tells me she needs moisture I give it to her.
 When she tells me she needs a cut/dust//trim I give it to her.
 She’s only been trimmed once back in October 2013.
 I DC when she says to. But most of all Aida is healthy!
The things I’ve been doing work for her. 
So I encourage you to find out what works for you. 
Since I’m always on the go, I try to stay out my hair as much as possible and my main concern is moisture and softness. 
And thank God I have both priorities straightened out! 🙂

I’m excited about Aida & her growth. As we figure out what works for her. 

Thanks for being a part of this journey with us 🙂 

Her 1st birthday will be approaching- Feb 5th,2014
I sometimes say the 6th I’m not too sure why, but its the 5th!:)

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