Day 4: Family Photo

This post is in relation to Adoption Awareness Month, November.
This post was inspired by a photo challenge that brings awareness.
It literally took a village to raise me. 
As I type this post I am getting so overwhelmed with emotion; Gratitude is the biggest one. 
I put some of these people through serious hell & others I have given nothing but serious moments of happiness. 
But all have given me LOVE.
Each photo represents the families that have helped shape me into the woman I am today: 
1. The Becco Family 
2. The Springer Family
3. The Bush Family 
4. The Hart Family 
All of these families have bigger extensions but those main 4 have been the root! 
In elementary school I remember having to do a family tree & I must say, that was the hardest project I EVER had to do !
Family goes way beyond DNA & blood types. LOVE. When people can love you as if they birthed you and take responsibility for you as though they MUST! Speaks volumes.
When people can step up to the plate when those around you are struggling and look out for you so you don’t fall in between the cracks says ENOUGH

Even though I disrespected all of the people who have my best interest at heart at some point in life, they continue to tell me how amazing and beautiful I am. They continue to see the potential in me and continue to look at the bigger picture, my bright ass future!
When people can do all these self-less acts and not behave as though you owe them something in the end is what family does!
Thanks for reading,
Tiara xoxo
Never Ever Ever… Forget to love those who love you ! 

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