Update: Teens For Jeans

Update: Teens For Jeans 

On February 21st, 2015 I dropped off my last set of jeans to Aeropostale for the 
Teens for Jeans jean drive. 
With your help and support I was able to raise over 250 pairs of jeans!
YES! 250+
My goal was to collect around 140 and you guys have 
surprised me with your overwhelming amount of support!  

After dropping off my jeans I received a 20% off code: TFJ2015
Which can be used online and in the store!
Feel free to use it, It expires March 5th, 2015
I was not going to do the jeans drive this year as a result of
 not feeling people would support it. I work in a facility where many
of the youth are underprivileged, so I figured there was 
no one to donate toward my drive,
boy was I wrong!

This year I did things a little differently as a result of having that fear.
I used my network and coordinated with advocates across
the city and delegated each one a Drop Off Location !
[I had 5 drop off locations in total: 
2 in Brooklyn, 1 in Queens, 1 Manhattan, & 1 in Staten Island]

With this strategy I had such a great outcome, 
with Staten Island showing out! 
 The community of SI donated over 150 pairs of jeans!
With my co-worker Greg being the amazing jean collector,lol !

Next Year I will make this more of a team effort and get 
the youth more involved !

Thanks Again,
With Encouragement, Realization, and Achievement,
Tiara XOXO 
P.S. Never Ever Ever…
Let your fear limit you from doing good for others!


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