25 Things About Me

  1. I am a Jesus Lover
  2. My favorite meal is brunch
  3. My favorite color is orange
  4. I think I have a special gift for fundraising. It gives me a sense of joy & completion
  5. I am a Youth Advocate Coordinator
  6. I don’t play video games because I am a sore loser- therefore I am not competitive
  7. I am from Queens, NY
  8. I am flat footed, which makes it hard for me to be a shoe lover…I can never find good shoes!
  9. I am deathly afraid of rodents
  10. I am one of 8 siblings
  11. I absolutely love elephants
  12. I am extremely assertive
  13. At times I am a spoiled brat
  14. I love group facilitation
  15. I have a bad nail biting habit
  16. Somewhere down the line of this life I want to be a dance therapist
  17. I have a hard time sustaining meaningful friendships
  18. I lalalalalove my natural hair, her name is Aida
  19. I despise liars
  20. I love a good Martini
  21. Women Empowerment is something I live for.
  22. I am a Libra
  23. I was raised by a single mother
  24. I have a degree in Psychology
  25. I am going to live out my dreams!

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