Kidney Fundraiser 2014

In 2014 I decided that my 2nd fundraiser was going to be bigger than the first.
My goal for this fundraiser was to promote more kidney awareness through a fun and educational form.

“What’s something that would draw a crowd for a good cause and also
educate them at the same time?”

Happy Hour• Raffle Prizes • Trivia • More Prizes

kidney 2014
Some of the attendees at the back of the bar

Attendees were more than please with the event and left out with a little bit more knowledge about Kidney Related Diseases !

Tiara calling out the raffle winners
Tiara calling out the raffle winners

As the event coordinator I was extremely proud of the event.
The fundraiser raised
$650   with donations for prizes from:

Families On The Move of NYC, Inc.

The National Kidney Foundation

Nelly Spillane’s Bar & Restaurant

Raffle prizes ranged from:

Carol’s Daughter Gift Set
Madam Tussauds Wax Museum Tickets
Movie Tickets
and many more amazing gifts!

Through All other Fundraising methods
Team Walking for Walter Sr. raised over $1300, which placed us in the

National Kidney Foundation’sTop Fundraisers Club .

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