4 Things I learned in my early 20’s

1. Gaining More Tools In My Toolbox
My temperament and attitude were things I thought were inherent and innate. I was confident that the personality traits I developed as an adolescent were the ones that would carry me throughout my life course. Boy was I wrong! As I am evolving into a focused, goal oriented, and determined adult, I have learned how to give my hammer a break. My Hammer is the tool that I utilize in moments when I need to present as firm and stern. As a replacement, I have been exercising the use of my screwdriver, the tool that promotes tact and empathy. Although my hammer has helped me increase my resilience in the face of adversity, the misuse of it has also damaged a variety of peer relationships. As I am rekindling these relationships, I am learning how to utilize the tools of forgiveness, patience, and kindness.

2. Experiencing Growing Pains
As I am learning to use each tool according to it’s purpose, It has caused me great discomfort. Holding a drill for the first time is heavy and uncomfortable, however, there are many projects that require it’s use. One of the things within my life that is causing the same discomfort is transitioning into the adult I admire and dream of. I am bearing with this pain in order to maintain this goal and be proud of the finish product. My current drill is I practicing holding my thoughts if I find it does not add value to a conversation, even when I am eager to share my perspective. Which is extremely challenging for me !

3. Solidifying My Value System
Discovering the elements of my life that are non-negotiable. As I grow my current value system has cultivated to education, social justice, self awareness,mental wellness, respect, and time.

4. Finding Out Who I am & Being That Unapologetically
As humans we are multifaceted and we are constantly experiencing changes and transitions. However, there are core elements to us that will remain until death. Being Young & Twenty is when you encounter those essentials. I AM Tiara SL, a Black American Woman, Who Advocates & Creates Spaces For Change to Occur. Who are you?

“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”
― Maya Angelou

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