Self-care comes in a variety of forms. From eating well balanced meals to setting boundaries with loved ones. Self care for me consist of a variety of small acts that assist with improving my quality of life and wellness on a daily basis. One set of acts I engage in make up the first half of my morning routine. Every morning, before my feet hit the ground I take out time to check in with myself. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of years and I recognize a difference in the trajectory of my day. Try to adopt one of these efforts for 30 days and tell me how it works out for you.

  1. I open my eyes and acknowledge that I am alive and express gratitude to my source.
    Back in 2015 I engaged in the #100HappyDaysChallenge and I found that as I woke up with a thankful heart it filled my temperament with positivity and increased my appreciation for the simple things in life. Many that I took for granted. Gratitude has become my fuel and reminder that I may not be where I want to be, but I am right where I need to be.
  2. I then move each limb of my body to wake them up! I find that when I dart out of bed immediately it increases my levels of anxiety throughout the day and I start my day with a frazzled tone. Yes, even after I express gratitude.
  3. I then lay there, with my eyes open, & I ask myself these questions:
    – How do I feel today, physically ?
    – How did I sleep ?
    – How was my day yesterday or weekend ?
    – What are my expectations for the day ?
    – How do I feel today, emotionally ?
    – Am I awake yet ?
    Some days I do this in silence, while other days I may turn on one of my morning playlists.
    This part of my morning routine has helped me with enhancing my self-awareness, acknowledging my own needs, and ensuring I am present to myself.
    As a person who works in the social service field, I have recognized that it is important that I show up for myself before I try & show up for any of my staff or the participants I service.
  4. After processing the answers to these questions, I then declare what kind of day I will have.
    Today is going to be a productive day.
    Today is going to be a hectic day, but I will stay positive and keep my emotions in check.
    Today is going to be a fun day
    Today I am sad, but I declare to be productive and reach out for support if need be.*
    Today will be a fast paced day and I will breath.
  5. Then I sit up. My feet hit the ground and I begin my mission and continue my life’s work !

This daily routine takes me some time and I have committed to waking up early enough to completing it. Now that I have shared some of my morning routine I would like to know if there are any things you do prior to your feet hitting the ground.

Do you pray? Do you partake in bed stretches? Do you read a devotional? Or journal?

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