Kidney Walk 2013

As I walked to Foley Square to The Kidney Walk, I couldn't help but to realize that I was alone. I was doing an entire walk alone. As I got closer to the registration table I began to cry. I saw signs, I saw families, I heard music...I saw hundreds of people  supporting the same … Continue reading Kidney Walk 2013


25 Things About Me

I am a Jesus Lover My favorite meal is brunch My favorite color is orange I think I have a special gift for fundraising. It gives me a sense of joy & completion I am a Youth Advocate Coordinator I don't play video games because I am a sore loser- therefore I am not competitive … Continue reading 25 Things About Me

I Gave Up

I gave up the idea of a hair regimen. I started out washing my hair weekly because YouTube said so.I moisturized with certain products because YouTube said so. Then I added color to my hair. No, not because YouTube said so! LolI just wanted color.But, Aida started to act out ! It all started to become confusing, tedious, & … Continue reading I Gave Up