There will always be a warm spot in my heart for the QHMC AIDS WALK. It was the first walk I ever did, and that was back in 2010. 5 years later, a youth of mine came to me telling me she was going to do the AIDS WALK, and you already know I encouraged [...]


Kidney Fundraiser 2014

In 2014 I decided that my 2nd fundraiser was going to be bigger than the first. My goal for this fundraiser was to promote more kidney awareness through a fun and educational form. "What's something that would draw a crowd for a good cause and also educate them at the same time?" Happy Hour• Raffle Prizes • [...]

Kidney Fundraiser 2013

Back in 2013 my grandfather was officially diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and watching him deteriorate hundreds of mile away pained me. It caused me a lot of heartache because here this man,  hurting and there was nothing I could do to help him feel any better. I often say "If you don't like something, [...]

Kidney Walk 2013

As I walked to Foley Square to The Kidney Walk, I couldn't help but to realize that I was alone. I was doing an entire walk alone. As I got closer to the registration table I began to cry. I saw signs, I saw families, I heard music...I saw hundreds of people  supporting the same [...]

Update: Teens For Jeans

Update: Teens For Jeans On February 21st, 2015 I dropped off my last set of jeans to Aeropostale for the Teens for Jeans jean drive. With your help and support I was able to raise over 250 pairs of jeans!YES! 250+My goal was to collect around 140 and you guys have surprised me with your overwhelming amount of support!  After [...]

Day 4: Family Photo

This post is in relation to Adoption Awareness Month, November. This post was inspired by a photo challenge that brings awareness.   It literally took a village to raise me.    As I type this post I am getting so overwhelmed with emotion; Gratitude is the biggest one.    I put some of these people [...]

Coping, Resources, & Inspiration

I've been thinking about what my 2nd blog post should be and I've been having the hardest time making a decision.Should it be something inspirational, a review, a response to a current event...All these ideas and no feeling of affirmation, until I came across a picture of Robert Williams with the caption "Thanks for contributing to my childhood #RIPRobertWilliams" [...]

10 Steps on How to do a Last Minute Happy Hour Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser can seem like a scary task. I know at least for me it isFrom asking restaurants to use their space,  mark down prices, and provide a hostess or quizmaster...To having people  pay a cover charge, & hoping everyone has a great time and feel they got their money's worth. . . Those are [...]