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img_4370Introduce yourself
My name is Tiara. I am a 24 year old Youth Advocate residing in Queens, NY.

What is your area of expertise and how is it addressed?
My area of expertise is Youth Advocacy within all child serving systems. My favorite areas are Mental Health & The Department of Education. I am currently employed by a family-run nonprofit organization, and I provided services such as: peer to peer support, advocacy, skill building, empowerment workshops, & mentorship to youth within inpatient, outpatient, & residential psychiatric facilities. Love & Lynn, addresses these areas via fundraising, information distribution, workshop facilitation and hosting awareness events.

How did you come up with the name Love & Lynn?
While I was pursuing my undergraduate degree, I experienced a Major Depressive episode. During this time I enrolled into outpatient treatment and I began to engage in volunteer work. Through the volunteer work I discovered the love I had for not only myself, but the love I had for others! Ding! I then knew my brand had to have the word/name LOVE in it. Through much thought and free-writing, Love & Lynn was birthed.
                                         Love=My love for others & Lynn= My love for self

What audience do you wish to capture?
I wish to capture all who have been effected by mental illness and those who have not been effected by it. 1 out of 5 people have mental illness, but 5 out of 5 people have mental health. I believe that if your mind is not in it’s healthiest state, then you can not be in your healthiest state.

How do you go about raising mental health awareness?
Love&Lynn goes about raising mental health awareness by educating those in her community via conversations, distributing information, social media campaigns, hosting events such as fundraisers/panel discussions, workshop facilitation, participating on panel discussions, and participating on a variety of councils & boards.

Do you have a connection to mental health?
Yes, I had my first mental health break when I was 10 years old and I started to receive treatment at 14 years old.

What accomplishments are you most proud of as a mental health advocate?
1. In 2014, I was awarded Youth Advocate of the Year by Families Together of New York State.
2. Graduating CUNY York College with a BA in Psychology
3. My Mental Health Matters Fundraising Series in 2016, where I raised over $2,ooo & donated funds to a variety of programs across NYC,
4. No Different Than You- Anti-Stigma Tour is 2016, where I spoke to over 125 individuals about Mental Health Awareness

What are your top 3 go-to coping skills?
My top 3 coping skills are: coloring, deep breathing, and rubbing on a worry stone.

When you are not organizing in the community what are you doing?
I am talking on the FaceTime, eating, blog surfing, or finding an event on or Eventbrite to attend.


What do you want your audience to do after visiting your website?
After leaving here:

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