Raising Kidney Awareness

Back in 2013 my grandfather was officially diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease and watching him deteriorate hundreds of mile away pained me. It caused me a lot of heartache because here this man,  hurting and there was nothing I could do to help him feel any better. I often say “If you don’t like something, then change it” and as I sat and watched my grandfather fight this disease as he was in Georgia and I was in New York on Facetime, I decided to come up with a master plan! “What can I do to help my grandfather in this trying time…” I sat and brainstormed for days and came up with NOTHING.

Throughout the day I would talk to my mom and she would too be sad and depressed about the condition of her father, which also made me feel down. As I would walk through the hallways of my school I would think of many things that I could do to help him, “I could visit him more, I could mail him packages, ummm I could —.” Until one day I walked by a flyer near The Women’s Center that read “Come walk with us at the NYC Kidney Walk” and immediately after reading that flyer I began my fundraising process!

Change is what I wish to see in the world

Change is a part of my story

Be the change you wish to see in the world, right?

I have been invested in this movement and every year it gets a little

bit more exciting than the year before. In 2014 I was

acknowledged as a “Top Fundraiser” which is a goal that

I am extrememly excited about fulfilling.

Feel free to join my team or visit the National Kidney Foundation

to look for a walk near you!

Team Name: Walking for Walter, Sr.

Fundraising Website: Team Walking for Walter, Sr

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